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Felix powers local commerce by connecting consumers with businesses at the moment they're ready to make a purchase.

Reach Millions of

Felix instantly places your business in featured spots on hundreds of sites where consumers are choosing between providers online.

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Behind the scenes it's analyzing the content of the call and making sure you only pay for consumers who want to do business.

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Because Felix only charges for great calls, we drive incredible, predictable ROI to both Fortune 500 enterprises and small businesses.

Meet Felix

Felix revolutionizes local advertising by offering the first Pay Per Action phone call product to local businesses. Instead of paying for clicks or phone calls, your business only pays for potential customers.

Get Listed Everywhere

Felix powers the leading vertical directories on the web, such as PhysicalTherapists.com, Veterinarians.com, and TVRepairMan.com. When you sign up, your business is quickly featured on over 200 different websites, mobile apps and emerging media properties like SuperPages, Local.com and Dogster. With a combined reach of over 200 million consumers a month, if someone is trying to choose a local provider, Felix makes sure you are front and center.

Don't pay for meaningless calls

Only Pay for the Good Stuff

Felix's patented engine listens to all the calls you receive from our network to understand what is going on. Felix transcribes your phone calls using cutting-edge speech recognition technology and analyzes what is heard to cut out anything but consumer calls.

Wrong numbers, telemarketers, and job seekers can account for as much as 2/3 of phone calls a business pays for through traditional advertising and Felix cuts them out.

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All your calls in one spot

Felix Shows You What Happened

From Conversation Summary Last Call
Farina Berger Window, Bring It In, Tuesday Today Play
Sampson Oyelami Afternoon, Replaced, Land Rover, Website, How Much Today Play
Lucy Smyth Price, Window, Not Broken, Appointment Today Play
Vashil Conrad Get a Price, Price, I Need, Replace, Pontiac, Right Now Today Play
James Enlow Estimate, Window, Hatch, Replaced, Tinted, Aspen, My Name Is Today Play

Each call is summarized in the Call Inbox. With a quick glance, you'll be able to see what happened on today's phone calls and click to important spots in the call where business is being closed. Listen to how your receptionist handled today's call and send the best calls to your team for training. Find out if your body shop is getting more calls for Honda or Ford trucks. Whether you have a thousand locations or just your cell phone, keeping track of your advertising dollars and your business has never been easier.


Call from Farina Berger

Conversation Summary:

“...my rear driver's side window is completely shattered. Can I bring it in sometime tuesday?...”


Call from Sampson Oyelami

Conversation Summary:

“...yeah I'm free this afternoon ... when can you have the whole thing replaced ... um yeah it's a 2007 Land Rover ... I found you from an auto repair web site ... hoping you could tell me how much this would run ... ”


Call from Lucy Smyth

Conversation Summary:

“...just the price to get glass fixed ... window is cracked in two places ... no the door is not broken ... i need a appointment before 9AM please ... ”


Call from Vashil Conrad

Conversation Summary:

“... just calling to get a price please ... I need to replace the whole front of it ... it's a 2003 Pontiac ... if you guys are open in an hour I can come in right now ... ”


Call from James Enlow

Conversation Summary:

“... yeah hi I need an etimate ... it's the rear window ... I guess it's called the hatch yeah the whole thing needs to be replaced ... can you get it tinted to match the other windows? ... I'm in Aspen ... My name is James Enlow. E-N-L-O-W ... ”


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