If you’re a doctor, you might not think about using email marketing to grow your customer base, but it’s actually a powerful tool for growing your medical practice. It’s time-efficient, inexpensive and a great way to offer personalized content to your customer base. So, what is the secret? Here are some pointers on how to use email marketing to grow your practice.

Ask for Permission Where it Makes Sense

Just because you have a client’s email address in their contact information doesn’t give you the liberty to send them email. Make sure that a patient has given consent before sending. One great way would be to include a section in your intake forms where a client fills in the preferred mode(s) of contact. For your online visitors, entering their email address to subscribe when they make an appointment is a great way to get their approval.

Use Relevant and Accurate Content  

Take advantage of the channel to advertise your services, upgrades and other relevant announcements, but also make sure you’re offering value. For medical practices, email is a great channel to educate and keep your clients informed about health issues that may concern them.

People are likely to keep reading emails that solve their problems, or are informative. Some examples include information on latest health discoveries, cancer screenings, vaccinations, outbreaks and answers to FAQs. This not only makes you stand out as an expert in your field, but also builds trust in the kind of services that your practice provides.

Design for Mobile!

We all check our email on our phones. So it’s crucial that your emails are optimized for mobile viewing. Most tools will let you preview this so you can see how your imagery and text will appear on a phone or tablet.

Personalize Your Email

Studies show that personalized email subject lines increase email click rate by 29.6% and open rate by 17%. Using someone’s first name in the subject line or preview text will help grab the reader’s’ attention. It’s also important that the subject line of your email entice the reader to open without sounding like clickbait, while the preview text should convince them to open the email.

Ask for Feedback

Everybody feels good when they know that their opinion matters. You can use email surveys to give your clients an opportunity to let you in on their experience, what interests them, the concerns they have about your practice, what needs to be commended and even ideas on how to improve your services. Use this information to up your game. Clients are also likely to remain loyal and to refer others to a place where their opinions are respected and concerns addressed.

As for Reviews

Nothing gets you good publicity like word of mouth! Positive reviews work like a magnet for prospective clients. You enable this by having automated review emails sent to your patients after they visit your facility.

Don’t Over-send

As much as you want to engage your contacts frequently, be sure not to overload them into unsubscribing or ignoring your email completely. Quality over quantity.

Use email to gain social presence

Just like with reviews and surveys, your clients can be your greatest assets. Encourage them to forward your emails to their contacts and share on social platforms. An even easier way of doing this would be to include social sharing buttons inside your emails.

If you’re looking to grow your practice, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. But remember that email marketing requires strategy, planning and calculated execution of ideas in order to succeed. When well incorporated into your email marketing, the above tips will have your customers growing in no time.

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