As a small business owner, getting more clients and customers is most likely your main and most important goal. However, you don’t want just any customers — you’re looking for the right ones. People who find you at the precise moment they’re looking for the services you offer have an incredibly high likelihood of converting to customers. This is why targeted advertising is so crucial.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising refers to the practice of placing ads based on demographic information or behavior. Geographic area, interests, buying patterns — these are things you can use to target, depending on where you’re advertising.

Comparing targeted advertising with traditional advertising helps you understand the benefits even clearer. When we say “traditional advertising” we mean placements in newspapers, TV, radio, or other media. Placements are often determined by the number of subscribers or consumers of the particular media. Think about it as casting a big net and hoping to catch a fraction of the fish you want.

With targeted advertising, you place content and ads in locations where you know the customers you want are looking. It’s like casting a smaller net in a very specific place where you know the fish you want to catch hang out.

Cost Effective, Low Risk

Spending money on advertising is something many business owners often hesitate to do. It’s understandable — every dollar counts when running a small business. You want to get the most bang for your buck.

Here’s another area where targeted advertising is the clear winning strategy. With traditional advertising, you pay costs up front, for a set period of time. Once you’ve paid, you’re locked in, no matter the result. With targeted advertising, there’s usually little to no cost to sign up, you can set whatever budget you’re comfortable with, and adjust if need be.

Better Consumer Experience

From a consumer perspective, targeted advertising gives people a much better experience online. It’s so seamless, you’ve probably already seen it happen and didn’t realize it. With targeted ads, someone visiting a website will be served ads that relate to their interests and buying patterns. Think of it as a floor manager helping a customer pick something out when they’re already in the store. Customers appreciate the well-informed guidance and there’s a high likelihood that they’ll click to purchase.

Felix clients are listed in online directories depending on their industry., or for example. People  find these directories when searching for specific services. Then, they search by zip code, which gets even more targeted. Someone searching for a veterinarian in New York wouldn’t get a result for a physical therapist in Colorado.

With Felix, your website is listed on our directories. Our team advertises your listing on your behalf, and buys media targeted at potential customers and clients who are searching for services like yours.