Are you getting a lot of calls to your business, but aren’t seeing an increase in clients or customers? That can be frustrating, and it’s easy to think that the calls aren’t good enough. But don’t forget: just because someone calls, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically give you business. When someone expresses an interest in your business or services, they’re a lead. And it’s up to whoever answers the phone to convert that lead.

To help improve your process, here are some common phone mistakes and how to fix them:

Not answering the phone by stating the business name. If you call a business and hear “hello?” the impression you get isn’t a good one. It doesn’t sound professional, and starts the conversation off on the wrong foot. You might even think you have a wrong number.

Instead, answer the phone by clearly saying the business name first, then your own name. It will establish professionalism and the caller will know exactly who they’ve reached. It sets a great tone for the rest of the conversation.

Not offering alternative appointments. When you’ve reached the part of the conversation where someone is looking for an appointment, you’ve almost converted them to a client. If they aren’t available the first time you offer, and you don’t suggest a different time, you’ve lost that sale. Don’t let them off the hook without giving them an alternative!

Instead, be ready to offer your caller a wide range of appointments, at different times of the day. If nothing is good, ask what times they prefer. Try to really work with the caller on this, it will show them you care, and want to solve their problem.

Not collecting contact information. If you speak to someone on the phone and don’t get any information about them, you can’t follow up. If they make an appointment with you and you don’t remind them of it, it’s a missed opportunity! If the caller doesn’t make an appointment, and you didn’t write down their information, they’re completely gone, and it’s unlikely you’ll get them back.

Instead, get all important details before you hang up the phone. We don’t just mean their name. We mean phone number, email address, and any other important information about their needs and the services they’re interested in. Keep track of them in a spreadsheet, and follow up from time to time.

Not asking questions about the caller’s needs. When someone calls your business asking about a service you offer, they’ll have an idea in mind, but you know your business and industry best. If you don’t ask questions, instead just offer information, whether it’s prices or appointment times, it’s going to feel like a transactional call for the person on the other end. That’s not an ideal experience to offer potential customers or clients.

Instead, ask questions. Doing so will help the caller feel heard, giving them a more positive experience. You’ll learn more about them, and possibly identify any additional ways you can help. This knowledge could get you additional business!

With these dos and don’ts in mind, take a new look at your current calls. Access your Felix calls in your dashboard and listen. Pay attention to how they’re answered, and how the conversations go. And perhaps most importantly, discuss what you’ve learned, and any mistakes still being made, with your front desk management. Continue to work on your phone answering process, and you’ll be able to turn more calls into clients. 

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