Podcasts are a great way for business owners to learn new tools and tactics to grow and improve. And they’re an active way to spend your commute — even if you only have a 5 minute drive to and from work (lucky you).

There are podcasts for people who run their own businesses, or those who have launched new products. There’s something for everyone! Here are our top 10 picks for podcasts that will give you new ideas, inspire, and educate:

  1.   StartUp

StartUp is a podcast created by Alex Bloomberg, the owner of Gimlet Media. In this podcast, Alex talks about the founding of his business including the ups and downs he faced at the beginnings. He also discusses other business stories. It’s inspiring for small business owners who are trying to get their ventures off the ground. If you are just starting your small business, then StartUp is the podcast to listen to.

  1.    How I Built This

How I Built This is a podcast created by Guy Raz, founder and owner of the NPR organization. It consists of interviews from founders and leaders of the most successful businesses and organizations we hear about today. They’re invited on to talk about how they started out. This podcast covers the stories of Starbucks, Instagram, Whole Foods, BET and many others. If you want to hear about how the greats started their businesses, this is a perfect podcast for you. 

  1.   The Pitch

Raising the funds to start a business can be tough. The Pitch has got you covered. This podcast was created as an independent show but recently became part of the Gimlet Media family and features stories on how small business founders pitched for capital for their businesses. If you’re just starting out, this podcast might give you some ideas about pitching for capital.

  1.   Entrepreneur on Fire

Another useful podcast for small businesses is Entrepreneur on Fire, created by John Lee Dumas, a successful entrepreneur. In this podcast, Dumas interviews successful small business owners and entrepreneurs of different companies to enlighten you on how different industries operate. You’ll learn the advantages and challenges of an entrepreneur.

  1.   Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a podcast created by Pat Flynn, owner and founder of Smart Passive Income. It features interviews with guests talking about how to create businesses that produce passive income. Guests share tricks and tips that helped them succeed in their startups, as well as the ideas that didn’t work.

  1.   Workology

Workology was originally known as Blogging4jobs and is owned and founded by Jessica Miller-Merrell. She interviews experts from different industries including recruiting and human resource. The podcast is based on day-to-day work activities, and covers topics such as establishing brands using social media platforms like LinkedIn as well as topics related to technology.

  1.   Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy is a podcast created by Amy Porterfield, co-author of Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies. In the podcast, she interviews guests on topics about marketing and monetization through channels such as social media and video, among others. The whole theme of the show focuses on topics that help to grow your online business.

  1.   Traction

Traction is a podcast that focuses on discussions about how to start a business from scratch and gain initial power. Topics include how to get your first customers, identifying product-market fit, launching a business, coming up with creative marketing plans, finding your first workers, and using influencers.

  1.   Small Business War Stories

Another great podcast is Small Business War Stories, created by Pablo Fuentes, the CEO of Proven, a job board that focuses on small businesses. It’s a weekly podcast where he hosts different small business people who cover a lot of topics, including the hurdles and struggles of small business owners.

  1.       Business Insanity Talk Radio

Last but not the least is Business Insanity Talk Radio. This podcast is hosted by Barry Moltz who has operated different types of small businesses for over 15 years. During each episode he interviews five different business owners from a variety of industries.

These are just some of the podcasts available as resources for small business owners and managers. Hope they give you some great ideas and inspiration!