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With the world's greatest salespeople and the world's greatest engineers, we are fanatically devoted to perfecting the local search experience for consumers and businesses.

About The Company

Backed by the investors behind Google, Twitter and Netflix, our team has deep experience in internet marketing and a proven track record of success. We are profitable, growing rapidly and out to change the world.

View from the office

Founded in 2006

Felix is based in New York City and offers a full set of benefits including medical, dental, vision, as well as free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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What We Believe

Working hard to make a sale

Customer and Consumer ROI create our ROI

Our mission is to connect consumers with local businesses. If we focus on creating value for consumers and advertisers our success will follow.

Group meetings

We Create Our Own Luck

The best companies in the world didn't magically appear; they slogged it out, moving slowly but surely towards a goal. Our team celebrates the hard work that it takes to change the world.

Eating an apple

Measure and Monitor Numerical Details

We meticulously measure everything we do, looking for 3% improvements here, 6% wasted energy there. This principle allows us to buy media with ruthless efficiency, but also allows us to constantly improve on the most successful sales organizations ever conceived.

Meet the Felix Team

Our Awesome Team

  • Daniel Levine COO

    Dan Levine serves as Felix's Chief Operating Officer guiding company strategy. Levine helped lead the organization through its spin out from Yext and subsequent acquisition by IAC / HomeAdvisor. He has a deep background in interactive marketing, sales and local advertising. Prior to joining Felix, Levine was CEO and co-founder of CouponGoGo, and founded and served as General Manager of online dating service iMatchup. Dan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

    “ Never before have I been surrounded by such talented and hard working people. I'm extremely proud of our team's dedication to our clients. ”
  • Jill Labert General Manager

    Jill Labert serves as Felix's General Manager, where she oversees Sales, Marketing, Client Services and Operations. Prior to joining Felix, Jill was EVP of Partnerships at Kargo, a leading mobile advertising platform, and VP of Marketing at Snackable Media, a mobile games and application company. In addition, she has held executive management positions at Publishers Clearing House, iVillage and Vertrue Incorporated. In her prior positions she managed customer acquisition, online marketing, business development, product development and M&A. Jill began her career as a corporate attorney and worked as in-house counsel for several leading marketing companies. Jill received a B.A. in history from the University of Pennsylvania and J.D. from American University.

    “ I am thrilled to be working with such a smart and innovative team. It is extremely rewarding to work with this dedicated group of individuals and to provide our SMB clients an amazing value proposition to grow their business. ”
  • Heather Plunkett Operations Manager

    Heather Plunkett is an Operations Manager at Felix. She joined the company in 2010 as a Sales Associate and was later promoted to managing the operations team where she is committed to improving consumer and client experience. Heather’s favorite part of working at Felix is the opportunity to develop her passions, learn skills such as SQL – and also the free bagels. Before joining Felix, Heather worked for Greenpeace and was an English teacher in Thailand.

    “ Being on the Felix team means being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology that is helping to grow local business, one business owner at a time.  I am proud to be a part of that. ”
  • Marc White Senior Engineer

    Marc is a Senior Engineer at Felix, responsible for over 15 different critical systems that make Felix tick. Prior to joining Felix, Marc was the founding engineer of Yap, a cutting-edge speech technology startup acquired by Amazon.com. Marc spent nearly a decade at IBM's Speech Recognition Labs and was responsible for the creation of IBM's ViaVoice® for Mac OS X product line.

    “ In my first six months at Felix I took on bigger challenges than in fifteen years in the industry. At Felix, we're solving problems in local advertising that no other company has even realized exist. ”
  • Erica Sherman Sales Associate

    Erica Sherman joined Felix in 2013. Erica quickly became one of the top sales associates in the company and has earned salesperson of the month three times in her first year. Erica brings a energy and excitement to the sales floor and has a passion for connecting small business owners throughout the country with new clients. Erica's favorite part of working at Felix is the positive and encouraging work environment and relaxing on the terrace in the summertime!

    “ I love coming to work every day with a purpose! The culture of our office is rare to come by and I can look at every person here and consider them part of my family. ”
  • Sophia Abbott Senior Account Executive

    Sophia Abbott is a Senior Account Executive, responsible for building and managing relationships with national clients and large accounts. Abbott joined the company in 2011 and was a consistent top performer with the local sales team. Sophia graduated from Bucknell University where she double majored in History and International Relations while playing keyboards in the classic rock band 2% Milk. She is also one of the better Ping-Pong players at Felix (totally false).

    “ I love that everyone here is a family! I've made so many friends here that I will keep for the rest of my life. ”
  • Matt Neri Sales Director

    Matt Neri is a Sales Director at Felix where he leads a team of 60 sales associates and sales managers. Neri started his sales career with the company as a Sales Associate in 2011 and was a consistent top performer on the Felix sales team frequently leading SWAT teams of the best sales teams. Matt comes from Newport, Rhode Island and is a graduate of University of Rhode Island. He is also a huge Patriots fan which can be tough in New York…

    “ The fast pace and energy of NYC and Felix keep me motivated and going everyday. ”
  • Gabriel Zinn Senior Sales Manager

    Gabriel Zinn is Felix’s Senior Sales Manager: Training and Development. Zinn joined Felix in 2012 as a Media Sales Associate where he was a top performer and the go to salesperson for testing new initiatives before being tapped for management. With a passion and interest in all aspects of the sales organization, Gabe’s primary focus is on hiring and developing new members of the Felix family. When Gabe isn’t coaching and mentoring the new hires he can be found cheering for all Boston sports teams.

  • Mia Sapienza Human Resources Manager

    Mia Sapienza serves as Felix’s Human Resources Manager and Recruiter and is committed to expanding the Felix family and ensuring Felix remains the coolest place to work in New York City. Mia will talk to you for hours about why The Killers are the highest caliber band of this lifetime and she is a surprisingly good cook.

    “ It is extremely rewarding to recruit for the Felix team. To see my friends grow and develop professionally, while having fun and success, I love being a part of that. ”
Live a day in our shoes
  • 7:00am

    Wake up. Get ready. Coffee at home, breakfast at the office.

  • 7:45am

    Head to the office. I take the subway from Brooklyn, it’s about 20 minutes to Times Square. We have a company-wide transit discount that applies to any public transportation, and it’s cool to have people coming in from all over the tri-state area.

  • 8:30am

    Sales meeting with my team to establish our goals for the week, address challenges, brainstorm, or simply get pumped up for the day.

  • 9:00am

    Leave voicemails for potential clients on the West Coast.

  • 10:30am

    Quick break in the kitchen to catch up with my friends and hear about what they did after work yesterday.

  • 11:00am

    Submit my first account for the day! Everybody loves a morning sale.

  • Noon

    Lunch! Felix provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone. I ordered off of my corporate Seamless account about an hour ago, and the group delivery arrives in time for our break. We eat together, other sales associates, colleagues from other departments… it’s a great time to decompress, energize, and prep for the afternoon.

  • 1:00pm

    Check my voicemail for call-backs and start prospecting potential clients in Colorado (my home state). Begin calling afternoon appointments.

  • 2:00pm

    Coaching session with my manager, going over a call recording from earlier in the week. Focus on closing.

  • 3:00pm

    Implementing the feedback from my coaching session on my next calls.

  • 4:00pm

    Submitted my second sale of the day! Closed an account with a callback from someone I dialed this morning.

  • 5:00pm

    Sale from this morning approved. Make calls until the end of the day to set up appointments for tomorrow morning.

  • 5:30pm

    Weekly workshop with senior sales associates – grab a beer and head into the meeting.

  • 5:45pm

    After hours drinks in the office with friends. Dinner, and maybe a few games of ping-pong.

  • 7:15pm

    Head home and get some rest and relaxation before another day tomorrow.

  • 8:30am

    Wake up and check email.

  • 9:15am

    Walk from my apartment to the office.

  • 9:30am

    Make a cappucino in the kitchen and start the day.

  • 9:45am

    Quick meeting with the Director of Operations about some client issues from the day before.

  • 10:00am

    Respond to some redmine tickets to fix client issues.

  • 11:30pm

    Order lunch on the company Seamless account and talk to members of the sales team.

  • 12:30pm

    Start work on a major new speech analysis feature.

  • 3:30pm

    Interesting results, but what if I apply adaptive boosting?

  • 4:00pm

    SVMs might help..

  • 4:30pm

    OK. I think I have the right secret sauce..

  • 4:45pm

    It's working! The change is ready to be deployed live in the nightly build.

  • 5:00pm

    Work on my secret project: an iPad app for *CENSORED*

  • 6:30pm

    Have a beer with the sales team as they wrap their day.

  • 7:00pm

    Order Energy Kitchen for dinner and talk over upcoming features with the CEO.

  • 7:00am

    Wake up and get ready to start my day.

  • 8:15am

    Hop on the subway for a quick ride to the office.

  • 8:30am

    Grab some oatmeal from the breakfast buffet...or maybe I'll splurge and have a bagel and cream cheese.

  • 8:45am

    Check through my open email communications from clients, organize myself for the day.

  • 9:00am

    Work on responding to emails while waiting for my clients to start calling in.

  • 10:30am

    Head over to the espresso machine to grab some much needed coffee!

  • 11:30am

    Help a podiatrist log in to his account to show him all the cool features our service offers.

  • 1:00pm

    My lunch has arrived! Head over to the High Line with my friends from the media team to enjoy our lunch outside.

  • 2:00pm

    Listen to some calls for an auto body customer and detail some best practices to help them close more business.

  • 4:00pm

    Check-in with a vet I work with on a regular business to see how they're doing.

  • 5:00pm

    Check-in with our Listing Quality group to see if they can update one of my clients' phone numbers.

  • 6:00pm

    Order Dallas BBQ for dinner as some of us team members crack open a beer.

  • 7:00pm

    Head to the gym for some Yoga!

  • 7:30pm

    Head home and get some rest and relaxation before crushing it again tomorrow!

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