Welcome to Your Felix Dashboard!


This guide will walk you through how to use your Felix account.

If you have any questions, contact our support team at
(800) 321-9398, or [email protected]
They’ll be happy to assist you!

Logging in for the First Time

Visit www.getfelix.com/login and sign in with the username and temporary password provided to you in your welcome email. You’ll be prompted to choose a new password on the next screen.

Viewing and Listening to Calls in Your Inbox

Once you sign in, you’ll be brought to your Inbox. Here you’ll see a list of your latest calls, with number, location, duration, and bill status. Listen to call recordings in the Audio column, and bring up more details by clicking on the information icon.

Searching Through Your Calls

Letters A through D above correspond to ways you can sort, filter, and search through your calls. When you’ve made your selections, click the Filter button to apply.

(A) Adjust the date range to view calls from a specific date. Selecting it will bring up a window where you can change this range.

(B) Type a word, phrase or phone number here that you’d like to search for. Keep in mind that results will only appear from the selected date range, in the category you’ve chosen from dropdown (C) and the type of call chosen in dropdown (D).

(C) Select a category from this dropdown — could be Location name, Location phone, Call ID, Caller name, Caller phone, Transcript, or Call result.

(D) Here you can select all calls, billed calls, or not billed calls.

Viewing and Editing Information on Your Profile Page

Select the profile tab at the top of your dashboard. Then select the location you want to view. You’ll be brought to the profile page. This is the information that appears in your directory listing. Click on an Edit button to make changes to any of this information, except for the address and phone number.

It’s important that the basic information is accurate and up to date. Including your profile picture (usually your business logo), hours, services, description, and features. The rest of the information you include here can only enhance your listing.

While not necessary, photos, videos, and any other information, make your business more appealing to potential clients, and encourage them to call.

The deals section is an opportunity to offer more value to the people who see your listing. Do you have a new client promotion? Or a limited time offer? Add that here.

Viewing and Exporting Reports

In the reports tab you can see how your account is performing. The report will show you:

• Number of views you get on your profile listing
• Average distance
• Number of calls
• Number of calls that are billable
• Call %, which calculates the percentage of profile views that resulted in calls
• And Conversion %, which calculates the percentage of calls that are billable

Click the Excel button or PDF button to export your reports to Excel or PDF files.

Your Account Settings

Here is the Settings tab.

Select Billing settings to view and adjust the credit card information you have on file.

Personal Settings

Selecting Personal settings will bring up this screen.

From here you can update the password or any other contact information for the account.

And that’s it!